Mobay City Run… my support is an ode to my father.

My late father Milford Montague is from a little village in the hills of St. James in western Jamaica. Never went beyond 3rd grade because at that age he had to leave school to become the family breadwinner, taking care of his younger siblings. He was the most intelligent person I know. He would read the daily newspaper, the Gleaner from cover to cover and engage in lively debates on a wide range of issues, politics, religion, current affairs, sports, especially when he was feeling the effects of his drink of choice, white rum and milk.

A Little Bit about My Father

Not a rich man by any stretch, he made sure all his children got the benefit of all the educational offers that were available. If it was school related, Milford made it happen, no matter what the sacrifice. A couple of my fondest memories are of him bringing my bun and cheese and white milk (minus the rum) every day for lunch at Hermitage Basic (pre-school) and my first day at Wolmer’s Girls’ High School when Miss Pinto the headmistress had to send him home with the admonition “It’s ok Mr. Montague, we’ll take care of her from here….just like we took care of her 3 older sisters. A proud Jamaican my father saw education as the way forward for his children to elevate themselves and play a role in nation building (he wanted me to go into representational politics, but that’s another story for another time). He nurtured a broadcaster/marketing executive, attorney, judge, nurse, university lecturer, insurance executive, poet, teacher, fashion designer, transportation entrepreneur.

How to Donate to the Mobay City Run

Mobay City Run is an opportunity for me to pay it forward to the students going to school now, so they can have what my father made sure was in place for me and my siblings. Books, uniforms, lunch money, a chance to participate in extracurricular activities. There might be a Milford in 3rd grade right now. I don’t want him to have to drop out. There might be a Pat who will graduate from UWI and have a career which allows her to give back to Jamaica, the way her father envisioned. That’s why I run, promote, donate, volunteer sponsor the Mobay City Run.

You can too @ or call me at 954 260 2013 and I will get your contribution to making a difference in a young person’s life.


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